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The Bible has much to say on the issue of life. So below are links to pages featuring lists of pro-life Bible verses, Bible studies, Bible Study tools and Biblically-based pro-life arguments and pro-life information that can be very useful for crisis pregnancy centers and women facing a crisis pregnancy or seeking facts on abortion, abortion and the right to life pro-life issues.

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  • The American Holocaust - What the Bible says about aboriton
  • Bible references on abortion, a scriptural summary
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    Abortion Clinics Hide Child Rape
    Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics have been concealing child rape. Now officials in Kansas, Indiana and Ohio have launched criminal investigations.
  • Abortion clinic investigation news
  • Planned Parenthood exposed
  • Point of View, Nationwid
    LifeTalk Television
    The abortion pro-life debate! Abortion facts, pro-life news, your questions or comments on any abortion-related issue & interviews with leaders of pro-life organizations.
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  • Abortion Pictures, Pro-life Truth
    Abortion pictures present an argument against abortion that can't be denied. 3-D, 4-D ultrasound pictures of unborn babies in the womb are a new pro-life tool.
  • 4d ultrasound pictures, unborn baby
  • 100 abortion photos, aborted babies
  • More pro-life, abortion pictures
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    Unique pro-life information, commentaries, facts on abortion and other tools for you to use in the fight against abortion clinics.
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    Abortion pictures, anti-abortion web sites, facts on abortion breast cancer studies, pro-life organizations, birth control pills, botched abortions, abortion procedures, abortion law, RU-486 abortion pills & more
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