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Racial Targeting and Population Control Report

Under the Radar Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion
An Open Letter To Cecile Richards
by: The Radiance Foundation  
Dear Cecile Richards, Please stop abusing civil rights history to justify your present-day killing fields. Martin Luther King Jr’s memory is not a dummy that you can manipulate like a ventriloquist. Although he regrettably accepted the inaugural Margaret Sanger Award from the nation’s largest birth control chain in 1966, he wasn’t CECILE RICHARDS'the slaughter of millions that Planned Parenthood was plotting to make central to its mission. The nation’s abortionist-in-chief tweeting about Juneteenth, a celebration of the abolition of the dehumanizing institution of slavery, is like China celebrating freedom of speech. “No one is free until all are free” apparently doesn’t apply to the millions of innocent human beings Planned Parenthood grinds in industrial garbage disposals, flushes down drains or stuffs into biohazard waste bags...  more...
Planned Parenthood: Political power turns to malevolent force
Planned Parenthood took center stage in the Texas legislature last week as its head, Cecile Richards, flew into Austin, inciting the mob that took over the gallery of the Texas senate. As the pro-abortion crowd grew more and more raucous and unruly in the final minutes of the last special legislative session, and with the pro-abortion crowd already at fever pitch in an attempt to shut down the legislative process, Richards egged on the hateful thuggery as she tweeted, “Make some noise—louder!” Immediately after her tweet, another member of her delegation started encouraging the mob to rush the floor of the senate in order to stop the passage of the pending bill.“We had terrorist[s] in the Texas state senate opposing SB 5,” Senator Bill Zedler later tweeted. He added, “The pro-abortion crowd turned the Texas senate chamber [into] ‘Occupy Wall Street.’” He then wrote, “Disruptive behavior of pro-abortion crowd was encouraged by some Texas House Democrats.” It came to light Tuesday that there was an ad running on Austin Craig’s List seeking to hire pro-abortion activists in the Texas state capital. The ad was removed from Craig’s List when it was discovered and publicized in pro-life circles. writer Katie Pavlich wrote about the ad that offered to pay $1300 to $2200 per month to activists who are working “right now” to “keep birth control affordable,” “oppose attacks on women’s health,” “ensure healthcare access,” and “expand global reproductive rights.” When Pavlich called to inquire about the ad, she was told this campaign is directly working with Planned Parenthood to bolster its efforts.  more...
How abortion proponents view current pro-life tactics
by: Jill Stanek 
As I wrote in my post, “How abortion proponents view the current abortion landscape,” I have developed a collegial relationship with Robin Marty, pictured right, senior political reporter for RH Reality Check. This past weekend Robin was in Chicago for a National Organization for Women convention, and we got to meet. She had asked if she could interview me for a piece she’s writing. Through the course of our lunchtime conversation (which she paid for, thanks!) Robin enlightened me on how abortion proponents view current pro-life efforts, particularly since 2010, when pro-lifers began passing laws in unprecedented numbers. Robin agreed to let me share her thoughts. I’m not going to pick them apart, I simply find them fascinating and thought you might, too.   more...
Save Money by De-Funding Planned Parenthood, Not by Aborting Viable Babies
by: LifeNews 
The Congressional Budget Office, the allegedly non-partisan agency of Congress that assesses the financial impact of legislation, had added its two cents to the abortion debate. On June 18, 2013, the House successfully passed HR 1797, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. With no real numbers or rationale, the CBO urges these late term abortions to “save” money. It estimates that up to $225 million will be added to Medicaid over a nine-year period (2014-2023) if these human lives are allowed to live. Never mind they don’t take into account that human beings also largely contribute to the government’s bottom line. Apparently, humans in a post-modern, pro-abortion society are simply a drag on the federal government. In light of the horrors of Gosnell, Karpen, Soli and late-term abortionists nationwide, one would think some sense of morality would into their calculus.  more...
Three Generations of Eugenics
by: Break Point 
The early 20th century saw hundreds of thousands of so-called “defective” Americans forcibly sterilized in the name of “improving” the human race. In one of the darkest chapters in its history, the Supreme Court sanctioned the process in Buck v. Bell, declaring that “three generations of imbeciles is enough.” Some people would say three generations of imbeciles on the Court is enough; of course, I would never say that. Not surprisingly, the people deemed “imbeciles” were nothing of the kind. They were simply the most vulnerable people in their communities. Thankfully, we’ve learned our lessons, and nothing like that can ever happen again. Right? Wrong!  more...
Young Black woman killed for refusing to have an abortion
by: MSR News Online  
We have a different kind of silent abuse going on in the Black community associated with domestic abuse that no one wants to talk about. Therefore, being the truth deliverer, I shall. The sister was 21 years old, four months pregnant, and was killed by a hit man for refusing to have an abortion. A courageous Black woman identified as Shamari Jenkins refused to meet the demands of her boyfriend to have an abortion. Police said Carlton Bryan, 21, of Windsor hired a hit man to kill this wonderful sister because she refused to have an abortion. For you M. Sanger-types wanting to make some kind of liberal understanding out of this, let me assist: “Oh, it was a young man without a job or means to support the unborn child, and he was trying to do the right thing.” You types make me sick. For you liberals wanting to see some poor victim of his environment out of this, let me remind you that it’s your M. Sanger-types who created this kind of opportunity for Mr. Bryan. How so? Mr. Bryan no doubt was aware of the abortion clinic nearby, in the Black area, including the use of federal, state, and other money available for such abortions. There you go, folks; I have given you sources to blame.  more...
The Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of the Pro-Abortion Movement
by: Town 
In the wake of a rising tide of pro-life sentiments and sensibilities in America, the utter bankruptcy of the pro-abortion position is being revealed, especially in its more militant forms. The pro-abortion side is now faced with: • The beautiful reality of 3D and 4D ultrasounds, making clear that the fetus in the womb is really a carefully formed, developing baby. It is now impossible to deny that the little one seen with such clarity on the screen is a human life that is about to be snuffed out. • The brutal reality of the houses of horrors run by men like Dr. Kermit Gosnell (and others), with the unavoidable conclusions that: 1) the same doctors who killed babies in the womb had no problem killing babies outside the womb; and 2) there is virtually no moral difference between killing a 20-week-old baby in the safety of its mother’s womb and killing it seconds after it emerges from the womb...  more...
Column: Trayvon Martin Was Walking Home - Part II
by: Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. (  
The trial of George Zimmerman, which really turned out to be the trial of Trayvon Martin, only proved the power of prejudice and cultural ambiguity. When we fail to recognize our own blindness to preconceived notions on limited information, we wind up with the wrong conclusions...The jury could not get past their preconceived fears and perceptions and were thus willing to believe an account which conformed to their prejudices. The grey areas of the case were filled in with these misnomers. One thing was clear: the incident was provoked by George Zimmerman, and thus he should have to prove without a shadow of doubt, Trayvon attacked him. That was not done...Yet the evidence in the Trayvon Martin case is not as conclusive nor as clear as the evidence targeting or "racial profiling" by the Abortion industry of African-Americans. Life Dynamics out of Denton, Texas produced a report validating the claim of "Black Genocide" by many pro-life advocates, myself included.   more...
'Common Core' curriculums turn classrooms into cultural battlefields
by: The Washington Times-Communities 
Obamacare funnels $375 million into pro-abortion, pro-gay sex-education for public schools while the feds push their controversial Common Core school curriculum. Schoolchildren are on the front lines of the culture war and not by accident. Patricia Nell Warren, writing in America’s largest homosexual magazine, The Advocate, put it succinctly: “Whoever captures the kids owns the future.” The National Education Association and the National Parent Teacher Association work with progressive groups that redefine the family, human relationships, and life itself. Tax-funded programs introduce children to sexuality and even entice them with cash to participate in sex surveys without parents or students ever being told who the “teachers” are.   more...

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