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Racial Targeting and Population Control Report

Under the Radar Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion
Pro-life information and resources back to list - Abortion pictures, photos of aborted babies
God's Gift of Life
Pro-life checks, prolife address labels and pro life cards from LifeChecks
Adoption - list of families ready to adopt now
Pro-Life Physician Network - Listing of pro-life doctors
Directory of pro-life physicians - search by zip, state or specialty
Legal Help - Life Legal Defense Foundation
Victory Won - prolife bumper stickers, books, videos, tracts & more
Easton Publishing - prolife pamphlets, prolife books & prolife videos
Heritage House - feet pins, pro-life books, videos & promotional tools
Life Cycle Books - pro-life & abstinence only educational materials
Pro-life Checks ( - Pro-life agency that helps pro-lifers & unborn babies
Hear how pro-life dollars were used to defeat an abortion ban (Audio link)
The American Holocaust Memorial - compares the nazi & abortion holocausts
National Right to Life tells why they're against banning abortion now (audio)
Fetal Fotos - Pictures of babies in the womb, locations across America
Sound Wave Images - ultrasound videos, information and training
Pro-life picture - baby's hand reaches out during life saving operation
Live birth abortion video featuring Jill L. Stanek
Partial Birth Abortion - Hear the shocking truth on late term abortion
Abortion prolife arguments - articles & answers to hard questions
Planned Parenthood clinics & child abuse (hear what they tell underage girls)
Abortion, Incest & Rape - Why abortionists help men conceal these crimes
Cannibalism - Eyewitness reports on the booming trade in fetal body parts
How abortion killed marriage - Roe v Wade vs. The Marriage Covenant
Prolife Across America - Billboards, books, brochures, & apparel
Choose Life - for information on Choose Life liscense plates
Hayes Publishing - prolife literature, prolife videos & prolife slide show
Meet the Abortion Providers - abortionists after abortion
Meet the Abortion Providers - ex abortionist testimonies video online
Article - Abortion pictures get police response, but not abortion itself
Christi's Choice - learn the risks of abortion - video
Abortion & the Black Community - do abortion clinics target minorities?
Baby Body Parts Report
Baby body parts page - investigation exposes abortion clinic secrets
Human Life Review - prolife articles & prolife arguments
Prolife Publications - prolife news site lists pro-life publication links
Baby body parts web sites - for more on abortion clinics & baby parts
Sarah Smith is an abortion survivor, he twin was aborted but she survived!
Pro-life Shopping Guide - lists companies that support abortion
Pro-choice lies from Roe v. Wade to defenders of partial-birth abortion
Slide show of prolife arguments: Abortion - Life, Right, Choice?
Teen facts on abortion and pro-life arguments
Abortion pills - Facts on abortion pills RU-486
RU-486 information - news on problems with RU-486 side effects, etc.
Abortion and pro-life overview - condensed abortion prolife information site
Pro-life articles on issues ranging from abortion risks to abortion guilt
Help for parents of girls who get an abortion without parental consent
Article - Ending Legal Abortion (The Constitution vs. the courts)
Baby Parts Trafficking - against abortion clinic sales of baby body parts
Teen abortion questions & pro-life facts for teenage girls and boys
Abortion clinic secrets
Christianity Freebies - Free books, Studies and Resources
Teen pro-life web site - Project 33
Pro-life ecards - Spread the pro-life message with prolife ecards
Find a Christian doctor - search for a pro-life doctor in your area
Pro-life T-shirts - A line of pro-life designs on high quality T-shirts
Pro-life T-shirts & bumper stickers
School report help and abortion pro-life research projects
Partial birth abortion picture includes profits from selling body parts
After witnessing a partial-birth abortion, pro-choice crowd applauds
Amazing Pro-life Photo Slide Show - Baby in the womb reaches out
Pro-Life Television
Pro-life Radio - Listen online to get prolife information you can use
Facts on abortion injuries & abortion lawsuits against abortion clinics
Companies that support Planned Parenthood & Abortion - boycott list
Pro-life Poster - Prolife photo raises funds for pro-life organizations
Supreme Court & Abortion - Weekly Standard article on abortion law
Article on Abortion Pictures & Racism - Opening the Casket
What Can Churches Do? - How to witness against abortion
Abortion Legal Aid - Thomas More Law Center defends pro-life rights
Supreme Court & Justice Harry Blackmun's Roe vs. Wade Legacy
Sidewalk counseling information & training video "No Greater Joy"
Sidewalk Counseling - free seminars to train individuals & groups
Sidewalk Activism - tips on pro-life signs, safety, etc.

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