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Racial Targeting and Population Control Report

Under the Radar Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion
Pro-life organizations and web links back to list
Generations for Life - Pro-Life Action League's outreach to the next generation
Jill Stanek's website - Articles on pro-life issues, live birth aborition video
Black Catholics for Life, aka the National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life
Austin Abortion Exposed - Contractor stops Planned Parenthood in Austin, TX
Abortion survivor - Sarah Smith was the victim of an attempted abortion
Science Ministries - Expert information on stem cells and related issues
Center for Bio-Ethical Reform & Genocide Awareness Project - America's most notorious abortionist
Life and Liberity Ministires - Their truth truck is on the front lines of the battle
National Right to Life says now isn't "the right time" for an abortion ban (audio) - fighting to return the right to life to unborn children - great online pro-life resource on abortion methods, etc.
Pro-Life Physician Network - View abortion pictures, photos of aborted babies
Pro-life Politics - A pro-family, prolife political web site
Pro-life Insurance - supports the pro-life movement - a site to asssist those affected by abortion
Already Loved - helping handicapped children
The American Holocaust Memorial - compares Nazi & abortion holocausts
A pro-life MUST READ! - <
Life Legal Defense Foundation
Life Checks - sells pro-life checks, pro-life labels and Christian products
May We Adopt - list of families wanting to adopt - Get pro-life checks to spread the message
Mark Harrington Live - Conservative, pro-family, pro-life talk radio
Gospel of Life Ministries
Life Before Birth - Answers to pro-choices claims
Planned Parenthood Exposed - Selling protection for sexual predators
Life Dynamics - Anti-abortion pro-life facts, resources for pro-life organizations
The Constitution Party - A political party for true pro-family, pro-life candidates
Center for Bio-Ethical Reform - abortion pictures & prolife arguments
Information for abortion employees - Protection against abortion clinic crimes
Parental consent and recourse for the undermining of parental authority
National Right to Life - Listen to how NRLC stopped the SD abortion ban
Center for Life and Hope - Helping pregnant women make the right choice
American Portrait Films - pro-family, creation science & prolife videos
Abortion survivors - two stories of aborted babies who lived
Breast cancer links to abortion - research on abortion & breast cancer
American Life League - largest catholic pro-life organization
Elliot Institute ( - post abortion information & research
Human Life Alliance
Human Life International - Catholics defending the sanctity of life
Life Issues Institute - Educating the pro-life movement
Missionaries to the Preborn
Missionaries to the Unborn
Operation Rescue
Operation Save America
The Portland Porcupine - antiabortion prolife activism
Priests for Life - officially approved Catholic pro-life organization
Pro-Life Action League
Pro-Life America - youth oriented pro-life publication
Genocide Awareness Project - traveling abortion photo exhibit
Sound Wave Images - ultrasound images of babies in the womb
Stop Planned Parenthood - anti Planned Parenthood information
Sidewalk Counseling Seminars (FLASH req.)
Life Decisions International - has Planned Parenthood boycott info
Susan B. Anthony List - prolife political campaigns & activists - Prolife news + The Interim, pro-life pro-family newspaper
Operation Rescue Boston
Baptists for Life - Bible based pro-life arguments & pro-life ministries
Survivors - pro-life youth organization
Ecards - Cybercards, ecards with abortion pictures & pro-life photos - help for abortion clinic employees - exposing the abortion industry cover-up
Polycarp Research Institute - Info on the abortion/breast cancer link
Pro-Choice Violence - evidence of violence associated with abortion
InterLIFE - resource for information on abortion and pro-life issues
Heritage House 76 - prolife facts from adoption to partial-birth abortion
Americans United for Life - prolife public interest law and education - abortion statistics, abortion pictures & abortion pills
Republican National Coalition for Life
Pro Vita Advisors - confronting the business aspects of abortion
Child Protection Project - get Planned Parenthood out of schools
School district monitoring project - help protect your local schools
Priests for Life & Life Dynamics joint legal and educational effort
One More Soul - organization of pro-life physicians
Victory Won - prolife books, videos, tracts, bumper stickers & more
Stand To Reason - Commentaries on abortion
Pro-life picture of baby's hand is free to non-profit pro-life organizations - free prolife picture for prolife organizations
Think About It Online - discussion of abortion issues (FLASH req.) - preborn photos & videos (FLASH req.)
Family Planning - An Exercise in Doublespeak
Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer - abortion causes breast cancer (LEARN, N.E.) - abortion and the black community
The Kansas Coalition for Life
Christian Patriots for Life - promotes sanctity of life education
Planned Parenthood Cover-up Caught on Tape - online video
Pro-life Forum - Promoting respect for the sanctity of human life - online or telephone crisis help and referrals - help for teens
Stand Up Girl - prolife pictures, an in-utero tour
Ask the government to investigate Planned Parenthood's crimes
Democrats For Life
US Justice Foundation - prolife rulings
Human Development Resource Council - abortion pro-life education
Pro-Life Wisconsin
Human Life Review - articles on abortion pro-life issues
Pro-Life Missions
Partial-birth abortion ban - Congress debates partial-birth abortions
Photos of aborted babies - Abortion Picture Gallery - giant prolife anti aboriton picture signs - news articles on RU-486 & facts on abortion pills - RU-486 lawsuits and side effects of RU-486
The Abortion Files - links on Planned Parenthood & abortion risks - Article on pro-life vs. pro-choice rhetoric
Seminarian Life Link - Catholic anti-abortion pro-life organization
Pharmacists For Life International - prolife pharmacy association
Adoption search engine - families who want to adopt unborn babies - editorials and daily news on the abortion issue - a prolife web site just for teens - helping to stop the sale of baby body-parts
Presbyterians Pro-Life - restoring the Church's prolife witness
Project 33 - Great web site by prolife teens & for pro-life teens
Ecards - Use these pro-life ecards to spread the prolife message
Indiana Right to Life
ProLife Shirts - Manufacturer of custom shirts, caps & pro-life T-shirts
Voice for the Unborn - Blount County (TN) Right to Life
Pro-life Tool Kit - Pro-life tools for pastors, teachers and prolife groups
Bible verses on abortion - What does the Bible says about abortion?
Michael Coren - Pro-life commentary on LifeSite (6-min. audio clips)
LifeTalk - Monthly pro-life video with cutting-edge abortion issues & news
Winning the Abortion Pro-life Battle - Quotes and strategy against abortion
Churches & Abortion - How can the chruch witness against abortion
Late Term Abortion Facts - Listen to the truth on partial birth abortion - Facts on abortion risk & abortion lawsuits
Thomas More Law Center - Pro-life advocates tackel aboriton law
Vital Signs Ministries - Sidewalk counseling, pro-life arguments, etc.
Illinois Leader - Abortion articles, pro-life news & commentary
Pro-life TV - Facts on abortion pro-life issues, pro-life updates

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