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Racial Targeting and Population Control Report

Under the Radar Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion
Conservative groups and news sites back to list
WorldNetDaily - News from a conservative, pro-family perspective
WND Commentary - Conservative, pro-family articles and editorials
Covenant News Headlines - News and commentary on pro-family issues
Conservative Caucus - Tools for restoring constitutional government - Conservative headlines and commentary
Drudge Report - Breaking news and investigative reports
Agape Press - Reliable news from a Christian source
NewsMax - News and conservative commentary
CNS - Conservative cybercast news service
BP News - Pro-life, pro-family news
Montana News Association
Concerned Women for America - Pro-family, pro-life issues
American Family Association - Promoting traditional family values
Center for Reclaiming America - Fights for pro-family, pro-life values
Traditional Values Coalition - Fights to promote pro-family, pro-life issues
Science Ministries - Expert information on stem cells and other pro-life issues
Point of View - Christian & conservative information source, radio & online
Focus on the Family - Christian, pro-family & pro-life information source
The John Birch Society - Fights to restore and preserve freedom
Family Research Council - Information on pro-family issues
Citizen Link - Christian, pro-family, pro-life news alerts
Focus Action - A pro-family political action site
The New American - Pro-family, pro-freedom magazine
Insight Magazine - Investigative articles and conservative news
Citizen Magazine - Conservative, pro-family, pro-life news and information
WORLD Magazine - Conservative news on national and cultural issues
American Spectator – Anti-liberal news and commentary
Weekly Standard - Conservative news and views
Human Events - National conservative weekly
Washington Times Weekly - News from America's capital
The Washington Dispatch - News and conservative commentary
Constitution Party - A pro-life, pro-family, God respecting political party
Free Congress Foundation - politically and culturally conservative
America First - Pro-life, pro-family political web site
Faith2Action - Encourages action by Christians
Life Legal Defense Foundation - Pro-life legal advocates
Liberty Council - Religious liberty, right to life, pro-family legal group
Thomas More Law Center - For families, religious freedom and the right to life
Media Research Center - Documenting and exposing liberal media bias
Accuracy In Media - News media watchdog offers fair & accurate news
Capitol Hill Blue - Nobody is safe while Congress is in session
Free Republic - Conservative news forum
Word Magazine - News & issued covered from a Christian perspective
Christian Post - Current news information for the general Christian public
Worthy News - Christian news service and daily Christian magazine
Leadership University - Promoting truth on Christian, pro-life & family issues
Separation of School & State - Stop government anti-Christian education
Christian Citizen - Working to be a Christian voice in government
US Freedom Foundation - Information on government shools
Moral Law Foundation - Defending Judge Moore and the right to honor God
Home School Legal Defense - Defending homeschoolers and family freedoms
First Amendment Center - Comprehensive research on 1st Amendment issues - News Links, Issue Forums, Blogs, Columnist & Politics
Vision Forum Ministries - Preserving America’s covenant with God
The Walsh Forum - Illinois based defender of conservative ideals

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